Silver buckles are awarded to top point winners in each category at the annual St. Vrain Roundup Club awards ceremony.

About the Club

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The St. Vrain Roundup Club (SVRC) is a non-profit, “for fun” organization of horse lovers and families. The club provides an opportunity for people of all skill levels to participate in low-stress and low-cost horse shows and gymkhanas as well as have social opportunities with people who have similar interests.

The club typically has regular shows at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont during the months of April through September. The 2024 Schedule of Events is previewed on the home page along with the club membership forms and fairground waivers you’ll need to complete. 

Social events include monthly club meetings during the winter months with some featuring equine-related guest speakers, a Thanksgiving dinner, a holiday party with year-end awards, and ride-outs such as clinics and trail rides.


The club depends heavily on its members to put on shows and events.  Club members provide the support for club shows (flagging, announcing, ribbons, etc.). Members are required to volunteer at one show each season in order to qualify for year-end rewards. Use this link to sign up for your favorite roles!

All Shows are OPEN SHOWS! Shows provide an opportunity for families to show and compete together, and they help get 4-H and horse show parents off the bleachers and into the saddle. Classes are divided by age levels and there is a novice class for new adult riders. Club members participating in shows can earn points for their division as well as Buckle Series championships.

Horse shows normally include traditional western horsemanship, pleasure, reining or western riding, and showmanship classes. In addition, we top off the show with barrel racing, pole bending, and a fun event such as flag racing. Walk/Trot and Lead Line classes are available for the youngsters. Points are accumulated and year-end awards are given each year to winners by division. Awards include items such as silver belt buckles, breast collars, tack bags, etc.

Age Divisions

Age divisions for riders are determined from the first of the year and shall hold for the full year. 
The age divisions are:
Lead line: Class is for juvenile, beginning riders not confident enough to ride by themselves. The rider will need a handler to lead the horse. Riders will be shown both directions at a walk and trot.Riders in this class cannot enter Walk/Trot or Pee Wee pleasure.
Walk/Trot: Class is for juvenile, beginning riders to gain experience showing and who may not have mastered cantering/loping. They can enter speed events and complete the pattern at the speed of their choice.
Pee Wee: A rider 10 years and younger who is proficient at all three gates.
Intermediate: A rider 11 through 13 years of age.
Junior: A rider 14 through 19 years of age.
SeniorA rider 20 through 49 years of age.
Master: A rider 50 years and older.
Novice: An adult rider just learning to ride, who has had a limited amount of riding and/or show experience. The class is designed to give beginning riders a chance to begin show careers. Novice riders are welcome to enter respective age group classes not available in Novice division and will carry points earned for the novice rider year-end totals. This class is walk-trot only.

SVRC started in approximately 1956 in Longmont. Some of the original members still participate and have grandchildren in the club. The club originally met at a small arena just west of 9th and Hover. In the early 1960s an arena was built on the Selby’s property, which can still be seen (a little worn, but still there) just south of the Diagonal on 95th Street. The club currently uses membership dues and profits from shows to rent the facilities at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.

St. Vrain Roundup Club Bylaws