Volunteer at a Show

St. Vrain Club shows are staffed by volunteers from our membership. Members are required to volunteer at two or more shows each season in order to qualify for year-end rewards. Use this link to sign up for your favorite roles! We make it easy to pick exactly the right position to suit your interests, experience and time.

Here’s a special offer: sign up to be a show manager and you have completed your volunteer requirement for the season! The show manager has extra responsibilities and needs to be on site for the entire show. If this seems like something you could do, send an email to the address below and we’ll help you sort it out!

Questions? Email us:  stvrainroundupclublongmont@gmail.com

Volunteer positions include:

  • ANNOUNCER: Ensures that all announcements are made timely and in a polite manner; consults with judge and/or ring steward on how things will be handled; and works with office in case of additions, or deletions.
  • FLAGGER:  Responsible for knowing the rules of flagging speed events and working horse events for timers and disqualifications (There’s lots more to this job, so probably not a great choice if you’re new!)
  • GATES: Call out names/numbers for contestants and prepare classes for entry; keep spectators and contestants clear of the main gate way; assist ring steward with how contestants should enter the arena; and organize additions/subtractions from class.
  • GROUNDS: Ensure Grounds are clean and organized at the end of the show. (This is a great volunteer opportunity for families.)
  • OFFICE: Set up the office and prepare for shows prior to beginning of show; process entry forms, numbers, and payments; and organize event registries and remain in office during show.
  • RECORDER: Assists announcer as needed and record all scores and tallies points at all shows for high point awards. (This volunteer gig gives you the best seat to view all of the classes.)
  • RING STEWARD: Assist judge with all matters; communicate between judge and announcer; and watches for safety concerns. (This job will give you a better understanding of how judges think and work to score riders in each class. It’s a great way to prepare for your next show.)
  • SHOW BOX: Prepares materials (entry forms, numbers, pins, stop watch, etc.) and bring the show box.
  • SHOW MANAGER: Obtain volunteer lists and schedules and ensure they’re dong their jobs; are “manning” the show; keep everything running smoothly and make judgement calls when needed.
  • TIMER: Manually times speed events in-case of error with electronic eye; works cooperatively with flagger and announcer; and documents official times.