St. Vrain Roundup Club (Longmont, Colorado)

One More Show in the Buckle Series!

Are you ready to ride? The 2023 SVRC Calendar of Events is available now along with some details about the classes for each show. You can also download your 2023 Membership Form, Adult Waiver, and Youth Waiver. There, now you’ve got everything you need (except a horse or two that isn’t covered in mud) to begin the show season with us.

Looking for patterns? We’ll have them posted at each show AND you can purchase a pattern book which will cover all of the OPEN shows planned for the season. We’ll have four sets of patterns and then at each show you’ll find out which set we’re using. Yup, this is new! Bring your pattern book into your practice arena or to your next lesson to get ready for the next show.

Here are the highlights for our 2023 season:

  • Check out our new Partners and Proud Families page here on the site. We encourage you to support our advertisers and give those little cuties a pat on the back.
  • The BUCKLE SERIES is back and continues with the September 17th show. Read more about the series here!
  • Get your favorite slots to volunteer at our shows by accessing our Signup Genius account here. It’s quick and you’ll get reminders! Members wishing to earn year-end prizes must volunteer at two (or more) shows each season.

We’ll have showbills and details about our new approach to patterns up soon.

Level Definitions

  • Leadline is for assisted riders 7-years old and younger and stinkin’ cute with exhausted parents
  • Walk-Trot are those 13 years or younger who aren’t ready to lope but still have ahold of those reins
  • Juniors are 10 years old or younger (not assisted), ready to lope and and try new things
  • Intermediates are 11-13 years old and a ton of fun to watch
  • Seniors are those smarty-pants 14-18 year-olds that ride circles around us
  • Adults are 19-49 years old and totally have it going on
  • Masters are 50+ years old and can teach you a thing or two about form AND style
  • Novice are beginning riders 14 + who can compete at the walk and job. You’ll see a lot of parents of younger riders in these classes and they are a delight!

Questions? Email us: